Pet Grooming in Bulverde, German Shepherd Gets Groomed!




Today iPaw had its very first grooming at its new store in Bulverde, Spring Branch Area.


Chase is our very own German Shepherd, He is four months old and is part of the iPaw Family! We decided to test our new bathing system on my new puppy. He came to us about one week ago and had needed a bath for a while. German Shepherds shed a lot of hair so, giving them baths regularly and using our Mauro Pet Care service to provide essential oils to his coat helps reduce the amount of shedding. The Furminator is also a big part of helping reduce the amount of hair that these breeds have.


Chase is very calm and loves to enjoy his spa day! As you watch the video of him getting bathed, you can see how calm he is while we give him his spa. Come check out our competitive grooming prices now in the Bulverde & Spring Branch Area! Our store opens Monday, November 14!




German Shepherd Grooming in Bulverde & Spring Branch

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