New Client Discount

New clients get 10% off their grooming service on their first visit to one of our store.

Refer a Friend 

When you refer a friend get 5.00 off your next pet grooming service. Just provide us with the phone number of who referred you so, both of you can receive our discount.

 Military Discount 

Former and current members of the military get 10% OFF on Full Grooming packages every time you visit our store!

*Only one discount per visit applies.

*Any coupons cannot be combined with any other offers.

Pet Points Reward Program

Pet Points Reward Program, is an autoenrollment program that keeps track of your spending at our stores. Once 5 Pet Points are available, you will automatically receive $5.00 off your total ticket price. Pet Points Cannot be combined with any other offer when you are illegible to redeem.

Repeat Customers 

Repeat Customers can receive $5.00 off Full Grooming Service if continuously scheduled. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer or pet points.